Everyone knows the disease cancer and many also know people in their distant radius, who are ill or have been. However, the fewest have in-depth knowledge or personal experience with the disease. This may also be due to the common human instinct of not wanting to deal in detail with the possibility of such a serious illness, as long as this is not necessary.


If you want to know more about cancer, about its origin and types, its treatment and preventive measures, you will get an overview of the most important information and further links on this website.


You can also purchase a bracelet and thereby assist  the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ as the profits will be donated to the campaign "Research for a life without cancer". Wearing the bracelet is an act of solidarity and support for those affected by cancer. By donating to the DKFZ  a contribution to further research into the disease and its treatment can be made.


We, who have suffered from cancer a few years ago and are cured today would like to offer you a possibility to learn more about the disease. Thus we will allow you insight into our individual case histories and how we dealt with the disease.


Each story is different, but they probably all have in common that understanding and support are essential to those affected.

We would like to break down prejudice and show that everyone can do something. We would like to encourage those affected to accept the disease and help them to deal with it. We would like to encourage their families and friends, to accompany them on this journey and support them.


Questions, suggestions, feedback or problems. Then sign up nevertheless simply.

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